The Sephora Collection Face Cleansing Regime

Quarantine is no reason to hold off on face cleansing, especially when you have this routine from The Sephora Collection

You might think that you don’t really need to clean your face since, well, you’re not going anywhere and you’re not exposed to pollution or dirt as much as you’re used to. Put those thoughts aside and bear in mind that your skin might also be having a hard time adjusting itself to the changes we’re facing right now. For one, your skin might become more exposed to air conditioning. Then, as we become accustomed to washing our hands all the time, we also have to deal with severely dry skin, both on our hands and face.

So, yes, you still need to clean your face daily, like usual. And on that note, let us introduce you to The Sephora Collection which for a four-step cleansing routine using products with powerful natural ingredients.

Step 1

Pre-Cleanse. Triple Action Cleansing Water will rid any dirt from your skin without that stinging feeling thanks to its lightweight watery texture.


Step 2

Cleanse. Mattifying Cleanser will eliminate impurities and excess sebum while leaving your skin feeling soothed and soft. Available in gel and creamy-clay formulation for normal to oily skin type.

Step 3

Scrub. Bright Skin Exfoliating Scrub will gently eliminate dead skin cells with its volcanic sand and marula oil to smooth out your skin. The result? Refined skin texture and brighter complexion.


Step 4

Mask. Purifying Mud Mask contains zinc and white clay to purify and mattify the skin. It will absorb excess sebum and unclog pores without drying out the skin. Comes with a creamy texture that easily rinses off.


All the products are made with at least 90-percent of its ingredients from natural origins. They are also packaged with recycled plastic, which is made of up to 65 percent using sugar cane residual. Even the cardboard packaging is eco-sourced. Visit for more info about these cleansing products.