The Savoir-faire at Dior Men Pre-Fall 2020

Dainty, intricate, and life-like flowers on hats and blazers were abundant on Kim Jones’s remarkable Dior Men Pre-Fall 2020 show in Miami, Florida.

French berets and bob hats in the style of those worn by sailors, designed by Stephen Jones, Dior’s milliner, are embellished with flamboyant sprigs of colorful flowers.

Parisian atelier Maison Legeron, that was founded in 1727, is the creative force behind the flower power at the highly-acclaimed Dior Men Pre-Fall 2020 show.  See the mindblowing process in action.

Youth, vitality, the spirit of the new. Such were the founding principles of the New Look Christian Dior designed in 1947, and it still rings true with Kim Jones’s continuous innovation for the menswear label of Dior.