The Rules to Pairing Sneakers to Your Outfit

RIGHT WAY TO WEAR. With sneakers conforming to become a comfortable footwear solution for almost any occasion, we present you a guide as to how to properly pair it to your outfit

There was a time when sneakers were only ever considered proper footwear for people heading to the gym for a workout. But with the rise of streetwear, the humble sneaker has now become a comfortable footwear alternative for almost every occasion. Before you decide to wear your worn out running shoes to your next dinner event, know that there are rules one must abide to before pairing sneakers to the outfit that you wear. Although not as particular as how a women pairs her heels to the dress or purse, the minimalist approach is needed as to not ruin the complete. Here are the guidelines as to properly pair your sneakers to your outfit.

Bright and bold sneakers

How to pair them:

You bought those sneakers for a reason, to be noticed, so let them be your styles vocal point. Pair your brightly colored sneakers or ugly sneakers (AKA daddy-style sneakers) with a toned down look. One good example is to wear straight-fit jeans with a regular shirt or sweatshirt (no prints) and letting the shoes do the rest of the attention grabbing.

Retro Trainer

How to pair them:

Instead of copping out and going full retro athleisure by pairing your retro style sneakers with an equivalently classic tracksuit, give your whole look a more contemporary vibe. Do this by pairing your sneakers either crop trousers or a nicely fit pair of joggers then teaming it up with a simple shirt before topping it off with an overcoat. You can also pair classic sneakers with some nicely tailored pants for a more formal yet relaxed look.


How to pair them:

The epitome of leisure footwear, slip-on sneakers are probably one of the greatest secrets that skaters had kept from the fashion community. Combining the comfort of sneakers without having to fiddle with laces, skaters enjoyed simple looking footwear that had a style of its own. But the secret is out and many high-end brands from Tom Ford to Givenchy have taken their stab at the ultra-comfortable sneaker. Avoid going the full skater-boy style, and opt for a more formal look. Thanks to the classic shape of the shoe, they can be easily paired with a seersucker suit or a nice shirt and tailored pants.

High-tech runners

How to pair them:

Although these sneakers have been specifically designed for running, they offer a level of support and comfort that not many sneakers can, making them great for long walks. But due to all the technology put into making them, high-tech runners tend to look, well, very sport. With that in mind, when wearing them, keep a tome of sportiveness in your outfit, but don’t go to the point like your about to head to the gym. A tailored overcoat or distressed denim is a good way to counterbalance the gym vibe. Maintain that athletic element of your look by sporting a hoodie or joggers.


How to pair them:

When wearing high-tops, go for a more smart-casual, to avoid looking like someone who has yet to outgrow his rowdy adolescence. Start by pairing them with slim selvedge jeans, a flannel shirt and topped off with a worker jacket for a classic dose of Americana. You can also try pairing the shoes with tailored chinos to combat pants, patterned knitwear to minimalist bombers. If it’s casual but not sloppy, you’re sure to nail that all-star look every time.

Text: Rinaldi Herdianto