The Right Way to Pair a Denim Jacket

DOING DENIM RIGHT. As versatile as it may seem, there is a right way to pair your denim jacket and we‘re here to steer you in the right direction

Many times we have stated how this season is the return of denim. We’ve seen it on the runways of the world and we’ve even expressed it in a fashion feature. To make sure that you don’t get your denim game wrong this season, we’ve prepared some pointers for you to always pull off that denim jacket the right way.

Opt for darker colored jeans

Although the denim-on-denim look was a big taboo back in the 90s, the revival of denim this season has actually embraced it. Despite a duo-denim look is acceptable today, wearing a same toned top and bottom is still best avoided. Instead, go for a darker colored pair of jeans, something in the range of indigo, to avoid an overly matching top and bottom. Especially if your denim jacket is of the distressed style. Better still, go for black denim for a totally different style altogether.

Going casual with a white Tshirt

Keep things simple with a simple with tee under your denim jacket. Nothing sounds easier than this classic style, but donning the right white tee is what can sometimes ruin the picture. You will have to find one that is not too baggy, not too slim, not overly transparent, not too thick, and the list goes on. It may be quite a task, but you’ll have to find one that is just right to be able to pull off this decisively easy-going style.

Replace those jeans with chinos

If you want to keep your look casual, but without the jeans, opt for a pair of chinos instead. It’s a sure fire way to avoid the denim-on-denim conundrum and has somewhat a subtle formal style to it. Their military history and typically utilitarian cotton-twill fabric make them a good durable replacement to your denim jeans.

With a shirt and tie?

It’s surprising how far fashion has changed since the turn of the century. Combining business with workwear is something that is possible in this day and age. Don’t believe us, well just take a look at the images above. Surprising how you can dress up a denim jacket. One thing to remember when try to pull of this style is to not go for an overly faded jacket, as this will totally dumb down your image and make you come off as someone with a what-the-hell attitude. Just remember, you’re going for a casual yet formal look.

Go with a turtle-neck

If it goes well with a shirt and tie, a denim jacket should also look rocking when paired with a turtle neck, right? Yes, it’s true, but like the other styles on this list, you do have to consider the denim jacket’s finish. Avoid wearing a turtle neck made from a thick material, as this will leave you looking bulky, Just remember a simple rule of thumb, layers should get thicker the further away they get from your body, and vice versa.

Joggers, the ultimate casual companion

Guess what? Joggers go great with a denim jacket and the pairing somehow gives you a more urban style too! Pair it with simple hoodie under the jacket and you’ve got a totally rockin’ ensemble. Although denim isn’t considered a good pairing to sportswear, the combination is still a good way to break out of the norm, adding a bit of variety to your look.


Text Rinaldi Herdianto