The Raketa “Avant-Garde” watch is Art in Motion

The Russian watchmaker has added abstract elements to just about every part of the limited-edition watch

And now, for something a bit different. Russian watch manufacturer Raketa has recently launched a limited-edition timepiece called—quite appropriately going by its aesthetics—the Raketa “Avant Garde.” This is, for sure, the perfect timepiece for fans of contemporary art.

Historically speaking, Russian avant-garde art had a groundbreaking influence on modern art as we know it today. In the early 20th century, artists such as Malevich and Kandinsky started moving away from mainstream classical art which carries distinct messages towards a radically new vision of art characterized by colorful abstract shapes that allowed absolute freedom in interpretation.

Perhaps it is only fitting that Raketa—a watchmaker with a strong tradition of dabbling with the unconventional—followed this strong Russian pioneering tradition in creating the Raketa “Avant-Garde.” Put simply, the watch features colorful abstract shapes on every single part, from the hands and dial to the strap and even the movement. More importantly, as the watch ticks away, the abstract “painting” formed by these elements constantly change, creating new meanings every second.

On a more technical note, the Raketa “Avant-Garde” features a stainless-steel case with black PVD coating. On top of the dial, a triangle acts as the hour hand, a circle counts the minutes and a pointed line is the seconds hand. The watch is powered by an in-house automatic movement that has also been decorated with avant-garde designs, and is visible from the transparent caseback. Finally, a black leather strap fastens the watch to the wrist.

The Raketa “Avant-Garde” watch is available for purchase on the brand’s official website and can be delivered worldwide.