The Paris Polo: Lacoste’s Most Elegant Polo yet

THE BEST OF BOTH WORLDS. Lacoste blends the elegance of a dress shirt and the comfort of sportswear with the Paris Polo

A Lacoste Polo is easily a signature on its own. Over the years, it has been constantly reinvented with new colors, designs and fabrics, proving its timeless allure. The latest iteration of this icon is the Paris Polo, which may just be the most elegant and dapper Lacoste Polo yet.

Fashion and Sport

Why? To put it simply, The Paris Polo takes design cues from dress shirts. It is a stylish collision between elegance and sporty vibes, which can be distinguished mainly by three ‘luxury-enhancing’ details:

  1. The better structured collar
  2. The discreet tone-on-tone crocodile logo
  3. The concealed button

Altogether, the Paris Polo is much more refined than traditional polos: It has a neater collar, a subtle crocodile logo that blends in and a concealed button that is purposely designed to also seamlessly blends when worn in different styles, either with a blazer for a more formal look or a jacket for a resolutely urban and relaxed look. As an added bonus, the Paris Polo is available in 15 colors.

Added Comfort

Last but not least, the Paris Polo is also designed with comfort in mind—but without compromising its elegant style. Specifically, the short-sleeved polo is designed in a slim straight fit, with reduced length at the hips and no comfort slits. The polo also uses a flexible and light material called stretch cotton mini piqué that provides extra mobility, so you don’t have to worry about creases when you’re constantly moving throughout the day.

Equally elegant and comfortable to wear, The Paris Polo serves as a great alternative to your everyday shirts.