The NOW collection by Populo x Davy Linggar

Celebrating Populo’s 25th anniversary, the brand collaborated with photographer Davy Linggar to create the NOW collection featuring a range of monochrome outfits. The black on black outfits are created by Davy Linggar, while the white on white outfits are created by Populo. The show was held at Papilion Kemang on August 2.


Today, populism in all aspects of life urges—or even forces—us to pick a side, either for or against—there is no in-between. At a glance, the NOW collection seems to further this notion by presenting all the outfits as monochrome looks: black and white. Take a closer look, however, and it becomes clear that this is not the case. For one, NOW blurs the idea by experimenting with genderless looks. It allows contrasting elements to coexist and interact to inspire each other. So, instead of choosing sides, it creates options, alternatives, and innovation.

Furthermore, the NOW collection uses sustainable materials, mainly organic lyocell and lyocell-cotton blended fabrics. The black on black collection developed by Davy Linggar is dyed with a pH neutral water management system, while the white on white collection by Populo does not involve a dyeing process. Meanwhile for the printing process, water- and raisin-based inks were used instead of PVC-based ones.

Zilingo Indonesia supported the event as the exclusive e-commerce partner for Populo along with Mirror Mirror Salon as its beauty partner for makeup and hairdo.