The newest grooves of Cartier’s iconic Santos & Santos-Dumont

With elegance as its utmost obsession, Cartier introduces two new interpretations for the legendary Santos and Santos-Dumont Collections

The new green dial option for the Santos de Cartier

Revolutionary for its time, the creation of the Cartier Santos-Dumont in 1904 marked a historic moment as the first wristwatch designed for men in watchmaking history. It was specifically crafted for pioneering aviator Alberto Santos-Dumont, reflecting the principles of simplicity, practicality and innovation. Even today, the Santos-Dumont remains a rare gem, embodying its remarkable ability to evolve.

This year, Cartier introduces two new interpretations of the Santos de Cartier and Santos-Dumont collections. At first glance, the two creations seem similar, as they both pay homage to the original Santos watch but differ in case size, thickness and movement. The Santos-Dumont offers a more compact and slim option, suitable for dressier occasions, while the Santos de Cartier is notably bolder and sportier in its design.

In these latest iterations, the elegant Santos-Dumont watch refines its Roman numerals with the addition of precious stones, while the Santos de Cartier boldly explores the realm of color.


Visually, the new Santos-Dumont collection gives a nod to the historical model and expands its elegant repertoire with five new versions. The first three versions come in platinum, rose gold and yellow gold cases, with their dials elevated by featuring Roman numerals made from jasper, jade and dumortierite. The three hues are also reflected on the cabochon gracing the winding crown and the alligator-skin strap, creating a cohesive look for the new collection.

Three new iterations of the Santos-Dumont

The three versions come in an XL model, with case dimensions of 46.6mm x 33.9mm and a guilloché effect on the dial, enhancing the depth and radiance of the intricate Roman numerals. Limited to 200 individually numbered pieces, the timepiece’s case back is engraved with Alberto Santos-Dumont’s signature and equipped with a 430 MC mechanical movement with manual winding, highlighting its unparalleled originality.

Moving on to the remaining Santos-Dumont versions, these two watches come in sophisticated gray and deep navy-blue colors, featuring a large model with case dimensions of 43.5mm x 31.4 m. The gray version features a combination of yellow gold and steel cases with golden Roman numerals hands, a gray sunray finish dial and an alligator leather strap. On the other hand, the deep navy version boasts a yellow gold case, a blue sunray-finish dial and an alligator leather strap, complemented by golden Roman numerals hand dials that elegantly contrast with the rich blue color. Both versions have a beaded crown set with a synthetic blue cabochon-spade spinel.


The Santos de Cartier in steel

The sleek lines and optimal ergonomics of the Santos watch position it as a prominent icon of Cartier’s design culture. This emblematic collection continually renews itself, embracing daring colors in its all-steel iteration.

In addition to the existing navy-blue, Cartier now introduces a new shade, deep green, to the collection. The new versions feature iridescent dials that radiate with graduated colors and a metallic shine. To achieve this effect, everything is carefully coated with a thin layer of tinted lacquer, applied by hand. The finesse and transparency of the lacquer bring out the brilliance, texture and depth of the colors, elevating their overall appearance and appeal.

“Even today, the Santos-Dumont remains a rare gem, embodying its remarkable ability to evolve”

The steel case watches are available in two sizes, large and medium, each equipped with an 1847 MC automatic movement and two interchangeable straps in steel and alligator. Swapping between the straps is effortless, thanks to Cartier’s patent-pending QuickSwitch system.

With masterful craftsmanship and daring design choices, the Santos and Santos-Dumont collections continue to excite us through their unwavering spirit of innovation. Cartier’s pioneering legacy in the world of horology stands ever stronger.