The Macallan M: Mastery in the Power of Three

When three masterful experts in each of their crafts joined forces, the result can be too good to be true. That is probably the shortest description we can tell about The Macallan M, one of the Scottish whisky maker’s best contemporary concoction to date.

The collaboration itself was formed with The Macallan, renowned art director Fabien Baron and crystal creators, Lalique. The idea was simply to concept a new product – yet a one of a kind. Something beyond special. The brainstorm then developed into wanting to create the world’s most sophisticated single malt whisky, which then will be contained in a modern decanter that would embody the brand’s philosophy and heritage.

The Macallan M

Thus born M. With the decanter design came out of the brilliant mind of Baron, who delivered a rendition of The Macallan’s six pillars of ethos through tall slim dimensions and geometric form – challenging the perceptions of traditional decanter designs. The next step was for Lalique to bring this quirky and elegant design into life – which they then decided to craft them by hand one by one.

Lastly, The Macallan needs to produce something they’ve never distilled before. The nectars of M are interwoven with rich dried fruits, spices, orange citrus and wood notes,with every drop is laden with character absorbed from the Spanish sherry oak casks that nurture it through its maturation process.

And exclusive it is. Upon its release, only 1,750 crystal decanters of M, each engraved with its own individual number, was released.