The Macallan M Black

The collective genius of three master artisans culminate in an enigmatic delight for whisky enthusiasts: The Macallan M Black!

The single malt whiskies from The Macallan are, to put it mildly, in a class of its own. So, it goes without saying that yhe brand’s special releases enjoy a reputation as some of the finest whiskies in the world. Such is the case with The Macallan M Black.

Three Masters, One Whisky

This intriguing single malt whisky with its alluring black decanter was born from a collaboration of three master artisans. First is Fabien Baron, a renowned French art director, whose expressive aesthetics were manifested in the M Black’s decanter.

An evolution of the iconic M Decanter, this new bottle is instantly recognizable by way of its tall and slim dimensions and geometric design. The decanter’s six angular facets are made to represent the Six Pillars foundation which sits at the heart of The Macallan.

Baron’s vision was then turned into reality by Lalique, one of the crown jewels of France’s crystal glass industry. The shape and color of the decanter presented a unique challenge, yet Lalique rose to the challenge. The end result is a masterpiece of black crystal. More importantly, these handcrafted black decanters become the perfect complement the subtly smoky spirits contained within.

The last of the three maestros behind The Macallan M Black is, of course, The Macallan itself. The rich natural color of the whisky is testament to the exceptional oak casks from which it is drawn. It should come as no surprise to hear that only a very limited number of casks were even considered for The Macallan M Black.

A Black Medley

It is perhaps not a stretch to say that The Macallan M Black is as much an experience as it is a product. The handcrafted black crystal decanter that the whisky comes in is a masterpiece in its own right—a remarkable pièce de résistance that you could spend hours just admiring.

As you open the decanter, you are greeted by the aroma of dried fruit, followed by subtle hints of fresh cherries, sweet toffee apples, lustruous caramel and a waft of orange. The first sip then brings you a pleasant smokiness punctuated by ginger and oak.

Finally, it closes with almond and biscuit which give way to a long-lasting peat smoke finish.

For sure, few limited edition whiskies will be as sought after as this intriguing medley of inspired aesthetic vision, mastery of glasswork and the world’s finest single-malt.

The Macallan M Black will be available soon at select bars and whisky shops near you.

For more information, visit or their official Facebook page.