The Love of Nature at Jacquemus Spring/Summer 2023 Show

Beach, desert, wheat field, just name it all. When it comes to Jacquemus’ show, natural landscapes have always been his first choice.

Though the Spring/Summer 2023 might look like it was just held in the studio but raffia still became the main part of the presentation. Not only he used raffia as material, he added a raffia storm effect that made the show spectacular.

Simon Porte Jacquemus who loves to mix a bit of fun and austerity to his collection, as he stated that his current collection was inspired by the way people dress up in Portofino and Capri. The French fashion designer highlights raffia as the material for his giant-shaped hats, while the raffia fibers were combined with denim, feathers and linen as well. Fringe accent was made by using the raffia-like fabric are seen on the blazer’s sleeves and cape. All of this make him proudly called his show “Le Raphia”.

Jacquemus, who just opened his boutique in Avenue Montaigne last September, hates the idea of waiting. He never wants us to just patiently wait until the season comes to collect his items so some of the pieces from the show is directly available the day after the show. All we need to do is to set ourselves on rapid mode.