The Journey Toward Exotic Fragrance

SCENT OF A GEM. Follow the journey to discover the story behind the inspiration of the fragrances of Bulgari’s Le Gemme Homme collection


The Le Gemme obelisk inspired bottle lineup (left to right: Gyan, Tygar, Onekh, Malakeos, Ambero, Garanat)

Never one to take the usual route to launch a new product (in this case six new fragrances dedicated to men), Bulgari invited VIP guests on a trip aboard the Orient Express, from the capital of the Czech Republic all the way to Venice, Italy.

Although entertaining, the iconic train ride through the European Alps was not without reason. The route actually tied in two elements of the new collection. It began in Prague, the ancient home of Bohemia’s gemstone production, while the final destination in Italy is the home of the watch and jewelry house itself.

The event started with a lunch at Lobkowicz Palace, hosted by Prince William Lobkowicz along with Valeria Manini, managing director of Bulgari Fragrance Business, and Jacques Cavallier, the renowned nose behind the six distinctive scents. Upon entering the venue, the invitees were introduced to the different gemstones topping each bottle. During the luncheon, Valeria not only explained about the different fragrances but also the exclusivity of the Le Gemme line of perfume, as it will only be available in specially selected outlets.

city tour in vintage cars

Exterior of the palace

Back to the aforementioned gemstones, each was selected by Bulgari and was reimagined into aromatic form with the help of Jacques Cavallier. The fragrances personify a specific element of the selected gem and the different aromas that appeal to men. The Le Gemme line eventually comprised six individual scents:

1. Ambero: The translucency and luminosity of amber is translated into a warm, woody oriental richness and sensual aroma, thanks to the earthy tones of the vetiver root which is spiced up with scents of ginger, pink pepper and saffron. It is further refined with the elegant notes of Olibanum incense.

2. Garanat: The bold red garnet on the cap of this perfume bottle come from the Bosphorus strait. Although this crimson gemstone depicts masculinity, the scent used to iterate the stone is that of rose. Although it may seem feminine, the smoky scent of incense still gives it an aroma of manliness.

3. Gyan: The sapphire has been chosen to encapsulate this scent, and the celestial blue mystery of the stone is expressed by the aromas of sambac jasmine combined with Patchouli from Indonesia, mingled with oriental incense.


Gemstones that inspired the scents

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