The Gray Area: A story of Dior’s color of choice for the season

Christian Dior’s upbringing has served to inspire the house of Dior, leading to gray becoming a revolutionary color, and a symbol of timeless elegance, for the brand today

Dior Men’s Fall 2023 Campaign by Rafael Pavarotti

Color is crucial in establishing brand identity, particularly for a fashion house. For Dior, the significance of gray goes beyond mere symbolism, as it pays homage to its heritage and serves as a tribute to Christian Dior’s personal history.

The story began when Christian Dior established his couture house on 30 Avenue Montaigne. Seeking a personal touch for the atelier, he drew inspiration from the soft pink and gray walls of his childhood home in Granville. In his view, pink embodies joy and femininity, while gray is neutral and practical. It was then that Monsieur Dior opted for gray as a representation of timeless elegance and practicality to grace the façade of his own building. Known as Montaigne Gray or Trianon Gray, this color has since become synonymous with Dior, captivating customers and evoking the essence of French elegance in every creation.


Dior continues to honor its heritage in the modern area, with a particular emphasis on the signature color that men’s creative director Kim Jones brought to the forefront in the newest men’s collection. The accessory line, in particular, is the one to watch for. Jones incorporates the color gray into many of Dior’s iconic bags, such as the Saddle bag. Already a statement piece in the women’s line, the bag has been reinterpreted and introduced into the men’s collection as Jones adapts it to look more masculine and functional. As a result, the shoulder strap now features an aluminium buckle adorned with the CD lettering

Saddle Bag in Dior gray grained calfskin

The Saddle crossbody bag, crafted with the same grained gray calfskin, emerges as an essential accessory this season. The bag has similar features to the classic model, but now comes with a larger strap and buckle. With its spacious interior and various ways to wear it, this bag offers versatility as an ideal daily companion.

“In his view, pink embodies joy and femininity, while gray is neutral and practical”

Jones extends the same exquisite treatment to the Dior Gallop. Here, the grainy gray calfskin leather is enhanced with contrasting stitching and delicate finishing, elevating the bag’s opulence. Adding to the Gallop line, the sling backpack is available in two sizes, embodying the elegance and practicality of the shade, perfect for outdoor activities. The collection includes a belt, bi-fold wallet and card holder offering versatile styling options, whether worn individually or paired with other Gray collection pieces.


As a final touch, Dior presents the Saddle and Gallop bags in two exclusive versions crafted from alligator and phyton skin, made for exotic skin connoisseurs. Complementing these bags are the B27 low-top sneakers. These shoes are particularly collectable, thanks to their remarkable skin combination, along with the way Dior’s Oblique is featured as the leather insert and the gray accents on the soles.

Maxi Dior Gallop Backpack in gray Dior grained calfskin

In its own unique way, Dior has transformed sentimental gray into a celebration of heritage, approached through audacious reinvention. No longer considered gloomy, the color has rather become a symbol of the House’s savoir-faire and enduring beauty. The captivating Dior Gray collections is set to hit stores this June.

Dior Men’s Fall 2023 Campaign by Rafael Pavarotti