The First Bachelor Indonesia is Here: Exclusive Interview with Richard Kyle

DAMAN once again sat down with Richard Kyle, the newly-announced Bachelor from Indonesia for HBO Asia’s upcoming original series, The Bachelor Indonesia. Wafiq Giotama writes.

With the series sets to launch on February 10th, 2023 on HBO & HBO Go, DA MAN and the first-ever Indonesian Bachelor talks about his journey on the series, his healthy lifestyle and his expectation for the series. What makes The Bachelor Indonesia unique is that it’s the first local series from the Warner Bros. Discovery that is actually produced in Indonesia and produced by Fremantle Indonesia. We’re eager to hear about the production process, teaser from the series and his experience with 19 charismatic Indonesian women that he met on various dates in the series.

DAMAN: Hello Richard! Nice to see you again. How are things?
Richard Kyle: Good, good.

DAMAN: Onto your latest activity, HBO Asia’s “The Bachelor Indonesia”, can you share with us the story behind your involvement in the series?
Richard Kyle: As you know, it’s just been released two days ago that I’m the first bachelor for “The Bachelor Indonesia”, an original series by HBO and Warner Brothers. It’s really an established brand worldwide and this is the first original local series for Indonesia and Asia. I’m lucky enough to get the opportunity and the chance to be the bachelor and explore my surroundings into connecting with amazing charismatic women of all kinds from Indonesia. I’m able to connect with many people on a different level and I’m really lucky to have that experience because it’s a once in a lifetime experience. And I’m proud to be able to introduce” The Bachelor Indonesia” to the public.

DAMAN : What did you initially expect from the series, and what eventually surprised you?
Richard Kyle : Actually, my expectation wasn’t what I thought it was going be, it being an original local series production. It’s quite a new thing for Indonesian market and I didn’t know how it was going be because we can’t relate to what they’ve done outside of the country. Obviously, what they’ve created in Indonesia has to be connected to my personalities and my lifestyle. So, I think the surprise was when I was able to have these single dates and group dates with all these amazing women and was being able to do all the things I love. I got to invite them to get know me better but also do these activities and see how they feel in these moments and situations, to see was it hard or fun for them. So, the surprise was all the adventures and the journey I had on the show.

DAMAN : Do you have any special preparation for the series?
Richard Kyle: In terms of preparation, I’m just making sure that I’m healthy, mind and body. In terms of mindset, obviously just go with the flow and be myself, be real to who I am. I don’t even have to wear a “mask” and trying to be someone else. So, the great thing about the show was it is about who I am and in search of finding and connecting with that special woman. I just kind of allow every opportunity to arise and just kinda go with how I feel and be myself. I think mentally, I’m just making sure I’m healthy and energetic at all times, giving time for every single one of those ladies.

DAMAN : Talking about making sure that you’re healthy and energetic at all times, do you have any tip to keep in shape?
Richard Kyle: Oh yeah, there’s a bit of formula. Eating healthy, working out at least 5 times a week for 1,5 hours per-day, cardio to keep our heart rate up is also very important. If you put those things in part of your lifestyle I think it gives you way more than just health but also confidence and an ambitious mindset to be able to conquer the next thing while focusing on your work and your lifestyle. To me, that’s just the formula to keep better yourself and keep you in “the game” at all time.

DAMAN: Back to the show, any challenges you experienced during the filming of the series?
Richard Kyle: Many challenges, for instance; having to make the right decisions and making sure that I’m completely connected with all these different women when I got the chance. But also enjoying myself throughout the journey. Production wise, like every production, it’s hard and requires a lot of time, lots of energy and I always have to be ready. That’s why it’s important that I need to be healthy and in shape.

DAMAN: Can you share with us some of the most memorable or unforgettable moments from the series?
Richard Kyle: I can’t tell you about the moments, unfortunately, because it’s a spoiler alert.  But I can tell you that every single episode is memorable, every single date was memorable, every single group date was unique and fun. I wouldn’t change any women who are part of that because they all made it special and I can tell you the first episode I met all the 19 women so that was a very long day. I was able to choose one of them that gave a great first impression. From that I was able to ask them on first date and it was very adventurous, fun and unforgettable date. 

DAMAN: Nice. I would love to watch those episodes.
Richard Kyle: Yeah, you have to watch it on HBO Go.

DAMAN: In your opinion, what aspects one should embody to be “The Bachelor”?
Richard Kyle: I think it’s to be open minded and willing to get out of the comfort zone. You have to some sort of confidence to believe in yourself, to being the right leader or the right teacher, in a way. So, when you connect with all these amazing women that are genuine, charismatic and ambitious, you can bring something to the table as well. Then you both have some sort of strong appearance connection together as well.

DAMAN: What qualities do you find attractive in a women?
Richard Kyle: Number one is being themselves.

DAMAN: Not using any “mask” as you said, right?
Richard Kyle: Yeah, take away the mask because some people are wearing mask to cover their true selves, to me it’s fake. You can be genuine, real, openminded, think outside the box and try something new and most importantly, to be confident with themselves.

DAMAN: On the other hand, what qualities in you that you find most attractive or like the most?
Richard Kyle: I think I’m a hard worker, I’m ambitious. I really believe that what we get in the world is how much energy and passion we put into the world. So whatever we do, can be towards business or trying make a difference, we have to give it 100% at all times. Because working on something that we passionate about can really make us who we are and build our character to venture for the next big thing.

DAMAN: Last but not least, what’s your greatest hope for yourself and “The Bachelor Indonesia”?
Richard Kyle: My greatest hope is being able to connect with that special someone and be hopeful that our connection is everlasting, strong and live life to the fullest. For “The Bachelor Indonesia” I really hope that the public don’t judge before they see the series. Like I said before, this is the original series by HBO so it’s not like the others, it’s unique.  Maybe if people could have their mind open and not just think, “Oh, we know what this is like,” and thinking it’s not Indonesian culture, I feel like I don’t think you should judge the book by its cover. I’m sure Indonesians, even Asians, have a strong connection and have the relation towards what we’ve created in “The Bachelor Indonesia”. Hope it’s a big success for me and everyone on the team and people can accept and got something out of the series.

DAMAN: We’re sure it will be impactful for all the watchers
Richard Kyle: Yes, impactful. That’s the word!

DAMAN: Okay, thank you so much, Richard. It’s been great talking to you and hope to see you again.
Richard Kyle: Yes, thanks to you and DA MAN!