The Elysian Villas – Bali

Inspired by the mythical beauty and delight of the Elysian Fields, where Greek gods went to bliss out, The Elysian Group, based on the paradise island of Bali, strives to turn beautiful dream-like sanctuaries into reality; creating properties “with seductive charms in a surrounding that draws from the beauty of the land and the graciousness of its people, inspired by the culture and respectful of nature.”

The Elysian Group is an innovative team of professionals, who know how to create idyllic havens of peace and enjoyment. Indeed, they have garnered numerous awards for service and design, as evidenced by the fact that the company’s properties have one of the highest occupancy rates on Bali.

The Elysian Group’s first property was the successful Elysian Seminyak. Having been deemed “one of Southeast Asia’s 20 Best Resort Developments in 2010” by The Property Report, Elysian Seminyak is a testament to the company’s innovative style and ability to provide guests with a fantastically luxurious experience.

The company’s entire belief system is based on quality human resources and they value that as the single most important aspect in the hospitality sector. That much is evident the minute one steps foot into any of their properties. By carefully cultivating a peer-oriented team governed by a management style that nurtures personal growth, the company has had great success, and the fact that they’ve accomplished such success during a time of economic turbulence only makes it all the more impressive.

The Elysian Seminyak has managed to become one the most successful villa-cluster establishments with repeat visitors further reinforcing the company’s coveted image and special style.

Integrating existing in-house services with new acquisitions and strengthening those with strategic alliances, The Elysian Group is a leader in terms of leisure property. In-house services include concepts, architecture, design, project management, land acquisition, promotion and operations through the expertise of its core principals.

Expanding on that, the company mainly offers services such as resort property concept developments and investments, resort property management, operation of restaurants and spas, property sales, land banking investments via Bali Developments as well as other design-related services. The principals’ direct involvement with every project enables the group to carefully control and manage the vision from concept to product.

The Elysian Group envisions the ultimate sanctuary waiting to be discovered. Their mission is to create “an experience of total bliss that exceeds your expectations.” The group’s “Mandala of 8 Senses” is the guiding philosophy behind all their endeavors. Building upon a person’s eight senses—sight, smell, touch, hearing, taste, intuition, balance and temperature—the Elysian brand is completely focused on creating full sensory integration for guests to experience.

In terms of service standards, Elysian believes in one that is effortlessly graceful and genuine; attentive yet impalpable. They strive to be earnestly intuitive, with a caring charm that is warm and friendly. To that end, they adhere to a culture that is always innovative, imaginative and continually striving to discover renewed ideas.

The Elysian Group’s focus remains on “developing unique, bespoke and delightful properties that are respectful of their location and its culture and history.” They strongly believe in providing to their guests with a memorable experience that is true to their name—an escape to a place that is flawlessly beautiful.

Through the expertise of its experienced hoteliers alongside top-notch architects, property and hospitality specialists, The Elysian Group is committed to providing unique opportunities to those wanting to secure smart investments and access to world-class facilities in spectacular locations.

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