The Eagle

Kevin Macdonald‘s epic movie The Eagle featuring Channing Tatum is a tale of heroism and adventure.

Channing Tatum’s (Dear John, Step Up) ‘tough man’ protagonist role in several of his previous movies caught the interest of filmmaker Kevin Macdonald (The Last King of Scotland, State of Play) who cast him as the hero of The Eagle.

Tatum plays Marcus Aquila, a young Roman soldier striving to discover the fate of his father, and a sacred emblem, both of which disappeared along with the Ninth Legion in dark and mysterious Britannia.

Adapted from the novel The Eagle of the Ninth, the movie is a realistic and chilling depiction of what it takes to be part of the Roman Legion. Tatum had to endure months of hard physical training to become fit for the role. Apart from running six kilometers from the production office to the hotel every Monday to Friday, his schedule also involved horseback riding, chariot racing, sword fighting and hand-to-hand combat.

Here’s the official trailer: