The Best Looks from American Music Awards 2018

There’s always so much fun and flair when it comes to award shows – but a music awards ceremony is something else. Whereas other art forms such as film or theater would be more formal and elegant (especially in Europe), the music awards are definitely when everybody express themselves.

Thus, when the AMA red carpet rolled, we found some great looks that are worthy of our list. Check it out

Colorful sets

Khalid and Post Malone

These looks may not be “conventionally handsome”, and to be honest, borderlining outrageous. But you have to admit that it worked. Khalid’s applying the denim on denim formula (also the white turtle neck and sneakers balanced it out), while Post Malone (as he always is) did not disappoint with an edgy streetwear cowboy attire, complete with the big buckled belt and high boots (both blinged to the max).

Color of the season

Thomas Rhett and Macaulay Culkin

Yes, blue is definitely making a comeback. And what’s not to like about it? It’s dapper and versatile at the same time. Two contrasting looks came from country singer Thomas Rhett and actor Macaulay Culkin. The former appear sharp complete with a dark tie and really sick looking loafers, while the former child actor with a more playful look – thanks to a trend appropriate print-patterned shirt combo.

Dark and safe

John Stamos and J Balvin

It may be safe, but that doesn’t mean it has to be boring. Many experiments can be done with darker tones – as proven by John Stamos and Colombian singer J Balvin. While Stamos just wants to enjoy his time by being cheeky and sporting a Jonas Brothers t-shirt underneath his velvet suit, Balvin came in extra with what appear as the bastard child of a sports bomber and a colonial coat. Extra points on Stamos’ yellow tinted glasses and Balvin’s boots.

Trail blazers

Zedd and Rami Malek

It’s not original, but it’s always smart to wear a blazer to a semi formal occasion. Both Zedd and Rami Malek seem to have read the same memo when they both came in their respective variations of black and white blazers, but with different effects. The Russian-German DJ looked more classy in his grey wool (those black seams add more character) and the “Bohemian Rhapsody” actor is mighty adventurous and bold with a checkered pattern – which successfully became our favorite look that night.