The Best Dressed Men of Golden Globes 2019

It’s January – this means the movie awards season is here! And as always, it kicks off with the most fun of them all: the Golden Globes. Of course, with most of them being black tie events, makes it both a blessing and a curse. Blessing for gracing us some dashing looks, yet also will make it so hard to pick good ones – since many would look quite similar.

Yet, we always find the best among the best. See it below.

Rami Malek in Givenchy

One of the big winners of the night, the dashing Malek came in a classic Givenchy set, only with one re-adjustment: instead of a customary “black tie,” Malek came with one in white. We don’t know about you, but the simplicity of just rocked us.

Timothee Chalamet in Louis Vuitton

The young actor probably became the talk of tinseltown when he walked the red carpet in an all black outfit, but instead with a jacket, he wore a sequinned  harness – courtesy of Louis Vuitton. Like a modern Hollywood cowboy, so wild yet so classy.

Bradley Cooper in Gucci

All white may look simple – but it’s definitely not an easy look to pull. Yet double nominee Bradley Cooper did it with his Gucci outfit like it’s nothing. Also, extra points for not tempting on wearing the same color for his bowtie and shoes – the contrast is just money.

Luke Evans in Alexander McQueen

Always a favorite for first class red carpet appearances, Evans upped the ante once more. The “Alienist” actor came in an Alexander McQueen set with a tailor made classic Hollywood white jacket. But, he stood out thanks to the contrasting lapels and button.

Idris Elba

Even if it has a recipe for disaster for being quite eccentric, somehow everything about this outfit just works. The emerald jacket, vest and velvet shoes elevated quirky into a next level glam. Oh, he added a black tie during the show – which just topped it even further.

John Krasinski in Brunello Cucinelli

Less is more – that includes colors. When sporting blue to a black tie affair, make sure you make it simple in tone and silhouette. Also, most importantly, it has to fit perfectly. Actor/director Krasinski understood this, and brought his red carpet A-game with this Brunello Cucinelli.

Ricky Martin in Berluti

This is a look made for and immortalized on the red carpets of Hollywood every year – so decades of examples and trials and errors. Yet, only every once in a while, someone came as flawless as Ricky Martin in his Berluti outfit.

Adam Driver in Ermenegildo Zegna

We can’t really recall who was the first to introduce a velvet jacket to one of these black tie things – because we would like to thank him. The softer texture, the light absorbing surface and all around classy fit makes Adam Driver’s Ermenegildo Zegna stood out on the red carpet.

Daren Criss in Dior

Slightly mirroring his Emmy winning patterned suit last year, Darren Criss came in a fully floral embroidered Dior jacket. We also loved the black bottom lapel, acting as a bridge with the rest of his outfit. Not that we’re superstitious, but did the fabulous suit helped Darren won again?

Troye Sivan in Calvin Klein 205W39NYC

Remember what we said about wearing a tux with colors before? Scratch that. Because one day you will meet a beautiful paradox that defy all the rules and deserve a pardon. Sivan’s Calvin Klein 205W39NYC blue suit is bright, slightly oversized and unbuttoned (gasp!) – but can you deny how good it looks?