The Best Dressed Men of British Fashion Awards 2018

It’s been a while since we brought you a best dressed list. But worry not fans of elaborate internet list articles, because last night was the 2018 British Fashion Awards! This means our obsession of listing good looking men in dappertastic glamorous gala outfit is back on track. And seriously, what better way than to observe this than in an award night for the fashion industry? Without further ado, gents, shall we?


The Classics

Oliver Cheshire

Our multiple feature star and good friend of the magazine came in a very dashing brown double breasted suit. Of course the already elegant cut was brought into further perfection, thanks to Ollie’s figure.

Chiwetel Ejiofor

One of Britain’s best actors working today, Mr. Ejiofor gave everyone a standard on how to look in a classic black tie attire on the red carpet. Flawless.

Liam Payne

If dark tones worked well for the dress-code, try doing so in an out of the box material. Singer Liam Payne took that advice and came in a velvet suit. Talk about impact.

Jack Whitehall

The event’s host sure know how to made his presence known – even with the simplest idea: a navy double breasted dress jacket. That’s a sure ticket to get into any best dressed list (at least the ones we make.)


The Braves

Benji B

DJ and producer Benji B outfit may look normal, you might miss the charm. But look closer, then you see why we think it’s bold. Never since the 1990s’ does a baggy suit looked this good.

Isaac Carew

It takes some serious honcho to pull off a checkered suit in a black tie event – especially one with colors this catchy. Yet, young Isaac did it. Playful, daring – we love it.

Reece King

Another suit that requires some balls of steel to pull off: floral prints. Sure, it’s more SS than FW (in December nonetheless,) but is it wrong if we think Reece outdone himself yet it paid off wonderfully?


The Inbetweens

Riz Ahmed

Okay, is oversized suit actually making a comeback? Star Wars boy Riz Ahmed came in a quirky (and obviously tailored) version of it: slightly loose trousers and two inches extra on the jacket length. Dope.

Charlie Casely-Hayford

The British designer came in his own creation, a burgundy jacquard blazer that are so gorgeous, we’re definitely sure ol’ Charlie made heads turn that night. Seriously, where can we get this – like, right now?

Damson Idris

His first name already enunciates our reaction when we see his look. It takes such confidence for a young man to dress like a Cold War era spy. Yet, he was everything besides under the radar.