The Best Dressed Men at Met Gala 2019

After the Oscars closed the film award season a couple of months ago, we seem to be missing these grand celebrations. Where the men came in their flashiest suits and the camera flashes were simply non stop on the red carpet. This means we have not done any best dressed list in a while as well.

But worry not. As we have arrived upon May, means glitz and glams of our favorite people in entertainment is here! Yes, it’s the Met Gala – New York’s glorified (and globally celebrated) costume party! With the theme this year being “Camp: Notes of Fashion,” some looks are bound to be memorable until next year!

Check our list below.

Shawn Mendes in Saint Laurent

It may not be as camps as we’d expect it to be – but Mendes’ Saint Laurent suit is just as elegant. The white double trimmings and the dots that goes along with it adds enough accents to an already sufficient gentleman’s attire. Like a fashionable urban cowboy.

Jared Leto in Gucci

Hail the King – because Jared Leto may have won it again this year. It may appear like another rendition of his bejeweled Jesus from last year (can you blame us with his hair and beard?), but way simplified in a glamorous way. And of course, can you deny the head turning accessory?

Harry Styles in Gucci

As if gender bending could not find a better stage, this is one event that’s guaranteed filled with a plethora of men in dresses. But a man who girls around the world idolize wearing laced mesh shirt with ruffles? Another Gucci muse, Harry Styles is a real man in our book!

Darren Criss in Balmain

Now this is camp. Darren Criss took what early 1990s music videos of extravagant circus into a glamorous red carpet outfit. The Balmain jacket with intricate sequins is just exquisite, that bold and cheeky make up simply compliments everything, and the gigantic bow wrapped everything perfectly.

Lewis Hamilton in Tommy Hilfiger

Another good example of a gentleman bringing out the camp in him. Patterned suit is nothing new in the past few years, but it’s usually something modest. Lewis Hamilton’s Tommy Hilfiger suit is definitely not – in a very good way. Now, please tell us that the graph spikes represents something from his Formula-1 racing.

Joe Jonas in Louis Vuitton

Lazy? Maybe. But did it does its job? Definitely. Joe Jonas’ graphic turtle neck from Louis Vuitton certainly represents the theme well – especially when his wife Sophie Turner wears a similar pattern, only in millions of sequins all over her! Hand’s down, best couple of the night.

Rami Malek in Saint Laurent

They say God is in the details. Malek certainly knows that when he brought home the Best Actor Oscar earlier this year for playing the God of Glam Rock himself: Freddy Mercury. It’s the details that counts – that’s why his Saint Laurent outfit has distinct elements here and there.

Patrick Schwarzenegger in Ralph Lauren

Why not a traditional cowboy for campiness. One who knows how to dress and walk the pink carpet of Met Gala? It takes some big cojones to pull this off on a regular basis – let alone that one moment when all fashion aficionado’s eyes are on you. So props to Patrick, his Ralph Lauren set definitely a stand-off.

Cole Sprouse in Salvatore Ferragamo

In a night filled with brave men sporting colorful suits, Cole Sprouse pulled something out of the box – and totally in theme. Vibrant flowers embroidered over Salvatore Ferragamo red pants and sleeveless suit jacket (or is it a vest suit – we can’t decide). It’s just daring, sharp and well, in character.

Michael B. Jordan in Coach

There’s something about Michael B. Jordan and pitch black red carpet outfits. The subdued tone, with his humble body language, makes a modest but stand out look everytime. This time donning a lovely Coach outfit that are patterned in hundreds of sequins – from the crop coat, the pants, even the boots.