The Bachelorette Alumni Tyler Cameron On Career, Love and Latest Book “You Deserve Better”

Tyler Cameron got the world’s attention when he was one of the contestants on the super-popular American reality television dating game show “The Bachelorette.” While he didn’t win the girl at that time, he gained so much more after his experience on the show.

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His path became more exposed to other opportunities—in love, career and even self-development—up to the point that he published his own book, titled “You Deserve Better.” In this part memoir part how-to guide book, he discusses difficult topics and isn’t afraid to show vulnerability and honesty.

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DAMAN: Hi Tyler, thanks for making the time for us. How’s the year been treating you so far and what keeps you busy these days?
Tyler Cameron: This year has been treating me well. I have been busy training for the NYC marathon, starting construction on houses and releasing my book, “You Deserve Better.”

DAMAN: First and foremost, for some of our readers who are just starting to get to know you, can you tell us a little bit about yourself?
Tyler Cameron: I’m a Florida man who grew up around sports and construction. When sports didn’t work out, I got into the construction. I then went on a popular dating show and my whole life was flipped around.

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DAMAN: Can you tell us more about “You Deserve Better”? What inspired you to write this book?
Tyler Cameron: What inspired me to write this book was looking through the praise I received from being on “The Bachelorette.” After realizing I was praised for doing the bare minimum, I realized that, culturally, we needed a change. “You Deserve Better” is part memoir, part how-to guide for anyone finding themselves lost in the world of modern dating, interspersed with practical tips on how to find and foster a meaningful relationship.

DAMAN: Is there a specific message that you want to convey with this book?
Tyler Cameron: Respecting yourself is just as important as respecting others

DAMAN: What do you think will readers around the world enjoy the most out of “You Deserve Better”?
Tyler Cameron: The mantras as well as the fact the book helps build up self-esteem.

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DAMAN: What was the most surprising thing you discovered while writing your book?
Tyler Cameron: I realized that talking through the things I’ve seen and went through in the past regarding my relationships have impacted me life moving forward.

DAMAN: You probably answered this question a lot, but we were wondering, how does it feel to see your face on the cover of a book?
Tyler Cameron: It is a very surreal feeling! I remember walking through the airport for the first time and I kind of freaked out inside when I saw my face on the cover of the book.

DAMAN: On the other hand, do you read your book reviews?
Tyler Cameron: I have read some of them and it’s great to see the positive feedback and how it has impacted people. My favorite part is reading the direct messages from people on Instagram.

DAMAN: What was your favorite part, and your least favorite part, of the publishingjourney?
Tyler Cameron: My favorite part was talking through the past and reopening things I went through in life. My least favorite was sitting in the booth recording the audio book for three days straight. I barely had a voice after.

DAMAN: Overall, has writing and publishing “You Deserve Better” changed the way you see yourself?
Tyler Cameron: It definitely makes me more aware of what I’ve done and been through, and how I can better approach things moving forward.

DAMAN: You’re also known as a model. If we could look even further back, all the way to the beginning, how did you first get into the modeling world?
Tyler Cameron: A random person DM-ed me and asked me if I’ve ever modeled before. I hadn’t. He asked me to send him digitals—I didn’t know what this even meant. I did it out of blind trust and he turned out to be a great guy who set me up with multiple agents.

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DAMAN: During those early days, what were some of the biggest challenges that you had to face and overcome?
Tyler Cameron: The biggest challenge I faced when I began model was having to lose all my football weight. I went from 250 to 205 pounds [113 to 92kg].

DAMAN: What kind of modeling projects do you look forward to the most after such a long hiatus?
Tyler Cameron: Working on brand campaigns because then your creativity can really come through.

DAMAN: On that note, what would you say has been the most amazing, rewarding or otherwise awesome modeling project you’ve ever done so far?
Tyler Cameron: Calvin Klein was the most rewarding because people sending me pics of myself in stores was the closest I ever got to being a real model.

DAMAN: Other than being a writer, model and certified contractor, what else do you do? Do you have any other pursuits, hobbies, passions that take up your time?
Tyler Cameron: I’m a restauranteur. I’m opening up multiple 3Natives, which is a smoothie and acai company. I currently have one open and I’m working on two more locations.

DAMAN: All in all, how do you keep yourself motivated, especially in this very challenging year?
Tyler Cameron: Just knowing that I have to represent my family and brothers and make my mom proud.

DAMAN: And if there is also a lesson learned from a year living amid the COVID-19 pandemic, what would you say is the most important one?
Tyler Cameron: How important it is to have people that matter in your life and those personal relationships.

DAMAN: You give a lot of advice in your book. In a nutshell, what tips would you have for people trying to get back into the dating world post pandemic?
Tyler Cameron: Get on the dating apps, don’t be afraid, put yourself out there and be very open.

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DAMAN: When it comes to social media and relationships, what is your advice on balancing these two elements?
Tyler Cameron: Keep them separate as much as possible until the time is right. Social media puts a lot of unnecessary pressure on relationships.

DAMAN: As someone who’s been on “The Bachelorette,” what’s it like going through all the drama in a house with multiple guys trying to win one woman’s heart?
Tyler Cameron: It’s quite entertaining and easy to get caught up in it, but if you focus on what’s important, you’ll end up in the right position.

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DAMAN: On the flip side, how important is having an active social media presence for yourself? Especially today when everything is online…
Tyler Cameron: I have fun with social media, I try to keep it light, keep it real and not take it too seriously.

DAMAN: Last we checked, you have quite a large following on Instagram. How do you feel about this?
Tyler Cameron: Having a social following creates tons of opportunities. So, if you use it the right way it can be great! You can’t take it too seriously and have fun with it.

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DAMAN: You put the line “Through love serve one another” on your Instagram bio. Can you tell us a bit about what this means to you?
Tyler Cameron: I think it’s a great mantra to live by. It’s very simple: Only do things through love and good things will come. If you do things without love, then you are instantly expecting something in return.

In the long run, what are some of the major career milestones that you want to tackle next? What are some of your big goals?
Tyler Cameron: My big goals are to run a successful construction company, get back on TV and be a high school football coach.

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