The Artful Engineering by RIMOWA

Through its latest campaign, RIMOWA showcases The Art of German Engineering that has accompanied discerning travelers all over the world.

First incepted in 1898, Cologne-based brand RIMOWA has assured its status as one of the leading luggage manufacturers in the world. Melding technology and elegant design that doesn’t compromise on quality, the house has created luxury suitcases that boast excellent stability and resilience, making them the perfect companion for travelers. The latest campaign by the brand serves as a celebration of German engineering—the core aspect that lies within each RIMOWA creation, which turns wanderlust into reality.
The campaign marks the house’s return to its roots as it highlights the emblematic Classic Cabin. Dubbed “Ingenieurkunst,” which literally means “the art of engineering,” it depicts RIMOWA’s goal to showcase the real beauty of materials, processes and manufacturing of its masterpieces and the exceptional functionality they carry. Of this aspect, RIMOWA Chief Marketing Officer Emelie De Vitis notes: “The topic of German engineering might be considered dry or technical but as our head engineer describes, ‘it is more like a symphony.’ We wanted to show that German engineering— which is at the core of who we are—is truly considered art at RIMOWA.”

Built upon one simple premise—that the Classic Cabin, despite being crafted in Germany, is engineered for wherever one journey leads to— RIMOWA’s new campaign invites us on an odyssey around the world. Various locations featured in the video campaign show kinetic installations that pay tribute to RIMOWA’s emblematic aluminum pieces while presenting the German engineering as a form of art. Paying homage to the detailed craftmanship of the suitcase, the installations were created using 180 sheets of anodized aluminum and shells of the Classic Cabin, further fastened with 6,000 rivets.
Interestingly, Ingenieurkunst is accompanied by Daft Punk’s “Around the World,” whose futuristic melodies and beats echo the brand’s spirit. Completing the campaign is the incorporation of an AR or augmented reality experience, which allows audiences to interact with the engineering steps of the iconic suitcase. All and all, this new campaign shows how exceptional craftmanship gives birth to perfect travel companions while demonstrating that the engineering element itself is, indeed, a bone fide form of art.

Learn more about the campaign through the video below: