The Art of Illusion on Hermès’ Spring/Summer 2022 Silk Collection

The Hermès scarf is the epitome of luxury. An object that doesn’t necessarily follow current trends but unstead stands on its own, a Hermès scarf doesn’t let its wearer forget the absolute sense of lavishness and appreciation for craftmanship.

For its spring/summer 2022 silk collection, Hermès has picked fresh and vibrant shades along with charming summer hues to celebrate the season. One of the highlights is the Garden of Harnesses rectangle scarf made in cashmere and silk. The scarf is inspired by illustrations and antique pieces from the Emile Hermès collection and Japanese designer Daiske Nomura, which combines different harness and stirrup designs in this lush garden. But not everything is as it seems: There are decorative elements that appear to repeat themselves but each one is unique. This rectangular scarf beautifully captures the art of illusion.