The Apple Watch Hermès Series 6 Rolls Out

There’s a new color palette for the straps along with a new watch face

Tech-giant Apple and French luxury house Hermès introduced the very first Apple Watch Hermès about half a decade ago. This September, a new chapter of that collaboration has been unveiled with the Apple Watch Hermès Series 6, which once again combines Apple’s technological expertise with Hermès’ watchmaking iconography and exquisite craftsmanship.

First up, the Apple Watch Hermès Series 6 now features a new palette of shades for the single tour straps. These new tones include piment, orange, ambre, bambou, navy and anémone. The next new feature would be the fully-customizable Hermès Circulaire watch face hosting numerous complications to support every lifestyle.

Perhaps even more importantly, however, is a new design called Hermès Attelage in reference to equestrian harnesses, which is a clear nod to Hermès’ heritage. This new model in the Apple Watch Hermès collection features a strap whose redesigned attachment extends above the case. By playing with proportion, it reveals the Hermès double tour extra-slim or single tour straps in fauve Barénia calfskin.

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