The Anatomy of Martin Henderson, the New Addition to “Grey’s Anatomy”


DA MAN: You were a friend and also a mentor to the late Heath Ledger. How would you describe the relationship between the two of you?
Martin Henderson: Heath was a very dear friend of mine and someone whom I miss terribly. Although when we met he was quite young and so I did try to support him and encourage him, but I would say that as the years went by he certainly became a mentor to me at times and certainly an inspiration. We were competitive yet deeply connected through respect, and we just cared about each other a lot like brothers.

DA MAN: What is your best advice for new up-and-coming stars trying to make their way?
Martin Henderson: Especially for those coming from outside the States: Don’t give up! Work hard and don’t take yourself or the business too seriously. I think one needs a lot of faith in themselves, and having a thick enough skin to deal with the inevitable rejection helps too. I think it’s crucial to develop a real love of the craft of acting, so the process continues to excite you rather than being fixated on the results. You can’t ever control the results but you can choose to love doing it!

DA MAN: What’s your secret for handling the pressures of being a movie star?
Martin Henderson: Just don’t buy into the bullshit. Don’t play the role of a movie star. Play your characters well but leave the actor bullshit on set. I personally never think of myself as a movie star or want to assume such an identity. That’s silly and fabricated. Maybe it’s because I come from New Zealand, but I just think of myself as a dude who acts in film and TV for a living.



To see more pictures from this shoot, grab a copy of DA MAN April/May 2016 here, and check out these outtakes below.



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