The Affordable Watch to Complete a Dapper Look

SUAVE AND SUEDE. There’s something about Swedish designs that never fails to flirt with the eye. Such is the case with Daniel Wellington, which, despite having an English-sounding name, is genuinely Swedish


Daniel Wellington Dapper


Minimalism is a notion that underlines the brand’s watch collections, from the thin watch heads to the simplistic straps.

The smart-looking, 38mm Dapper Collection is a prime example of the brand’s design DNA. The clean white dial, sporting classic Roman numerals, deep blue-toned hands and a date window, is paired with a silver or rose gold case and a smooth Italian leather strap.

Moreover, the Dapper collection can easily go with any wardrobe, “dressed up as well as dressed down,” according to the brand’s founder, Filip Tysander. To which we must we add, “and for any season, too.” Daniel Wellington is available at The Watch Co.