Thanks to Diesel, AC Milan is Now the Soccer Club with the Most Fashionable Formal Uniforms

After announcing its partnership with AC Milan in September, Diesel has recently unveiled the formal outfits they designed for the Italian soccer club


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Designed by Andrea Rosso, son of founder Renzo Rosso, the two off-field uniforms are meant to shy away from traditional suits. Injecting street fashion into the design, the younger Rosso opts for hooded blazers for the first formal kit instead. The blazers also come with cashmere jumpers, Diesel‘s signature JoggJeans, parkas and leather lace-up shoes.

If the first kit has the hooded blazers, the second one has reversible satin bomber jackets as the pièce de résistance. Worn during transfers, the bomber jackets keep inside them the chronicles of both Diesel and AC Milan. Patches that feature image of flags, initials of AC Milan’s English founder Herbert Kilpin, Renzo Rosso’s “enjoy” motto, among others, are placed against the black-colored material. Several numbers are also added to represent the club and the brand’s numerous achievements; 1889 and 78, for example, are when AC Milan and Diesel were founded respectively. The bomber jackets are paired with distressed JoggJeans and black leather sneakers.

The players will debut the new outfits during their trip to Italian Super Cup match in Doha, Qatar on December 23. Meanwhile, fans can purchase the uniforms at select Diesel stores starting late February next year.



 Source: WWD