Tambour Spin Time Air, The Most Modern Jumping Hour Watch by LV

It was 10 years ago when Louis Vuitton introduced an entirely new way of reading time through what would become the most modern Jumping Hour watch: The Tambour Spin Time. Dressed in new finery while remaining faithful to its unique concept, LV launched a revamped collection, the Tambour Spin Time Air, which includes seven designs—three for men and four for women.

While the basis of the watch remains the same with its predecessor, the latest collection got its “Air” because of the twelve rotating cubes appearing to float in mid-air—which is meant to display the hours.

Every 60 minutes, two of them spin around instantly. Every hour ends with a cube revealing its neutral side, making way for the next hour, which is displayed by another cube revealing its distinctive side.

This innovative concept which provides a new and fun way of telling time was made possible thanks to an exclusive and patented caliber, developed back in 2009. The watch also has a unique self-winding movement which offers a 35-hour power reserve that has been evolved at the hands of master watchmakers at La Fabrique du Temps Louis Vuitton through the calibre LV88.

The cubes display time in its own way with different models having different diamonds or coloured stones in each sides, which is also available with a variety of central patterns and gemstone setting. Each of the seven new Tambour Spin Time Air watches is housed in a 42.5 mm white gold case, water-resistant to 50 metres.