Taking the LV Train to Shanghai

All Aboard! Louis Vuitton is taking everyone on a one-way trip from Paris to Shanghai via train.

Louis Vuitton Express

Louis Vuitton’s latest campaign seeks to highlight the brand’s global reach by sending one of the internet’s most famous photographers, The Selby (aka Todd Selby), on a transcontinental trip from Paris to Shanghai for the opening of LV’s 12 Maison in the Shanghai’s Plaza 66. It’s a journey that is being taken entirely via train and thus they have dubbed it the “Louis Vuitton Express.”


The Selby is currently making his way through the vast landscapes of Russia while on the fifth day of his Eastern expedition. Each day the photographer is posting video diaries, snapshots and his signature watercolor painting impressions of his epic train ride to the grand opening in Shanghai.

Louis Vuitton Express Day 1

Louis Vuitton Express Day 2