Swatch Releases Collaboration with A Bathing Ape

Swatch teams up with Japanese streetwear label A Bathing Ape (BAPE) in a series of limited edition Big Bold watches.

Both of them show their love for a globalized community with the launch of six new limited-edition watches dedicated to their favorite (mega)-cities: from Bern, London, New York City, Paris, Tokyo and to the world!

What makes this more interesting is that all six watches feature the newly designed signature BAPE camouflage pattern on the dial or strap, and also comes with the BAPE logo of an ape’s head. Notably, the camo pattern on the London, New York, Tokyo and Paris editions incorporate a world map into the camouflage, while the enhanced Swatch logo is invocative of the watchmaker’s debut in the 1980s.

Size-wise, the newest Swatch Big Bold product line is truly a statement piece. Boasting a 47mm watchcase, this serves as a daring canvas for this limited-edition collection.

Up front, the watch comes with a subtle touch from both of the brand. The hour hands are tipped with the BAPE logo itself, while the seconds hand is a lightning bolt. After that, on some of the dials, it also comes with hour numerals (three, eight and nine in particular) that are highlighted in contrasting colors, as a special reference to 1983, when Swatch was established, as well as 1993, the year that BAPE was founded.

All in all, this limited-edition collection surely becomes a true testament where street culture meets innovative Swiss watchmaking. A best of both worlds that blended successfully into one.