Sustainability and Lightweight Materials in TUMI’s Spring/Summer 2020 Collection

A day before Valentine’s this year, luxury travel brand TUMI unveiled its Spring/Summer 2020 collection in Jakarta. This time around, sustainable and lightweight materials become a major theme.

Refal Hady, Della Dartyan and Daniel Adnan

For travel afficionados all around the world, nothing says “function meets form” quite like a bag, luggage piece or backpack from TUMI. Whether it’s for a business trip, a weekend getaway or a long vacation, there’s the perfect TUMI bag to accompany every journey. For sure, the brand has always emphasized “design excellence, technical innovation and unparalleled craft.” For this spring/summer collection, however, two more highlights are introduced: sustainability and the use of lightweight materials.

That being said, let’s take a closer look at some of the featured models from TUMI’s Spring/Summer 2020 collection:

19 DEGREE Polycarbonate
Inspired by the 19 DEGREE Aluminum model, the 19 DEGREE Polycarbonate is an Asia-Pacific exclusive luggage piece that’s lightweight, expandable and attractive, not to mention full of intuitive features like a USB power port.


TUMI Merge

TUMI Merge
The brand’s first-ever travel collection made with recycled materials, the TUMI Merge features body fabric made from post-industrial recycled nylon and interior fabric lining made from post-consumer recycled PET material. So, now, TUMI fans can travel not just in style but also in a more environmentally-friendly fashion.


The Harrison Osborn backpack

The redesigned Harrison bags now features elevated, lightly embossed leather, a sophisticated new logo treatment, an enhanced zipper puller, and an understated recessed monogram patch. Color-wise, they come in Black Nylon, Black Leather, Navy and two seasonal options: Reflective Iron and Algae Mesh.


Tahoe backpack in Shatter print

Stylishly street-inspired, the Tahoe models are rich in features and graphic elements. A particularly interesting highlight from this range is the Tahoe Translucent Blue capsule collection—another exclusive for the Asia-Pacific region—that is even more stylish and on-trend.


Alpha Bravo
A favorite among function-minded travelers, the Alpha Bravo series makes packing painless and enjoyable. There is a clear military inspiration, and the backpacks, briefcases and duffels in the range feature TUMI’s signature FXT Ballistic Nylon for extra robustness.

Alpha 3 pieces with reflective coating

Of course, there are also plenty of options for the ladies, including the Devoe and Voyageur models. All in all, TUMI has once again prepared a visually-appealing, functionally-reliable and durable collection of travel pieces for those looking to expand their horizons in 2020.