Supreme Drops FW ’18 Collection and Gets Front Page of New York Post

Supreme showed why they earned their name when the streetwear master dropped a whole ton of their fall/winter 2018 look book.

One of Supreme FW18 look
Box-Logo sweatshirts

But that was not all. Supreme collaborated with The New York Post to put their logo on the front and back cover. Like everything else slabbed with the Box-Logo, the wraparound cover made the particular issue now a sought after collectible.

Supreme on the wraparound cover of The New York Post

Meanwhile the overloaded collection ranged from winter outerwears, tops, and (as always) bizarre accessories.

Supreme FW18 tops collection
Supreme FW18 jackets collection
Supreme FW18 hats collection

Some notable items were the season appropriate coats and jackets, assorted colorful T-shirts, shirts, hoodies and sweaters (even one in batik motif) and the signature five panel cap along with bucket hats.

Supreme FW18 accessories

The accessories went on high gear as well with the release of more random stuff such as a TAG Heuer stopwatch, electric pocket scale, an all white melodica, Luden’s cherry drops, a pair of male and female transparent anatomical figure and a step ladder.