Style Know How: Jogger Pants

Run, Boy, Run – Jogger pants hasn’t lost its cool factor. There probably isn’t any other summer piece that blends high fashion with streetwear as seamless as the joggies.

Valentino, Alexander McQueen

Now that warmer weather is here, it’s time to be more active outdoors. Or, at least look the part – because a pair of these will look great anytime, anywhere.

The Rules


  • Really expand your shoe game
    Joggers with your favorite sneakers is an instant win. But they also work with more formal options like leather dress shoes.
  • Street rat
    All in all, this is still a streetwear staple. So, you can basically add anything from the genre into the combo: t-shirts, track jackets, sweaters and even denim jackets.
  • Smart casual
    Jogger pants have gone beyond street style. Mix it with a tailored shirt or a snazzy blazer.


  • Formal affairs
    Please think twice before you go to anything even remotely formal wearing joggers. You don’t want anyone to think you’re being disrespectful.
  • Upsize
    Sure, oversized streetwear is all the rage now. but trust us that you don’t want to look like a clown wearing baggy pants with tight elastic openings at the bottom.
  • Necktie
    Pairing a blazer with joggers is risky, but it still works. but stop at that. Adding anything more dressy, especially ties, will simply not work with these kind of pants.

The Looks

Tony Narotama, Peter Zewet, Arimbi, Shangri-La Hotel Jakarta, Jonathan Rosa, Lacoste, Massimo Dutti, Fendi, Pull & Bear
Jogger pants by Lacoste

Set and Match (left) – Similar designs and fabric creates a clean look and, in this case, emphasizes the active aspects.
Outfit by Lacoste

Trailblazer (center) – Be very careful with this one: A blazer and joggers pants is a risky combo. But when you get it just right, it becomes the perfect mix of casual and class.
Shirt and blazer by Massimo Dutti

Laid It Out (right) – The best way to use this piece: Casually trendy and ready for a great time around town.
Sweater by Pull & Bear, sunglasses by Fendi at Optik Melawai