Style FAQ: What types of belts are available for men?

WHAT TYPES OF BELTS ARE AVAILABLE FOR MEN? In the belt department, modern men are usually spoilt for choice. Even looking at just the two main belt materials, leather and fabric, we can see plenty of styling options



Outfit by Ben Sherman, Belt by Hermès



  • For formal getups, nothing beats a black leather belt with metal accents visible brand logos are optional.
  • Colorful leather belts may go well with jeans or colored chinos, although they potentially work well to add a touch of colors to an office-ready outfit. And if those pants come in a skinny cut, then a similarly skinny belt would be the proverbial match made in heaven.
  • Woven belts made of leather or suede are a good fit for summer pieces, especially bright-hued shorts.
  • A fabric belt with loops in lieu of a buckle can serve as a dandy accessory to elevate an otherwise plain pair of trousers.