Style FAQ: What Are The Clothes I Should Wear To Look Taller?

It’s all a matter of illusion. So, aside of wearing insoles, here are things to keep in mind to look taller,

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Stick to monochromatic colors and muted hues. The key is to create a streamlined effect, from top to bottom.


Wear vertical stripes all the way to create the illusion of an elongated physique. While opting for patterns, it’s also best to stay away from big patterns and instead stick to smaller ones.


Despite oversized clothes being a major trend, aim for fitted clothes when trying to look taller. Baggy clothes will visually decrease your height. The same goes for chunky dadshoes that will weigh you down. Instead, opt for shoes with a pointed toe. for pants, avoid low-rise pants and those with a break, which is the ruffled fold above the cuff of the leg. Dropcrotch pants are also a huge no-no, as well as cuffing and rolling your pants—all of which will make your leg look shorter.


Draw attention to your upper body by putting on accessories like a hat. Choosing the right pair of  sunglasses can also add to the illusion that your face is longer. Accessories on the lower body, like belts, would best be avoided. If you want to wear a belt, keep it slim and in the same color as your outfit.