Style FAQ: How Should an Overcoat Fit?

Before trying on an overcoat, make sure to try it on with a suit. Don’t just try it on while wearing a T-shirt, as you would most likely end up with a size that’s too small this way.

Outfit Hugo Boss, shoes Mario Minardi

Moving on, the two most important things to look out are the shoulders and the length:


Be extra careful when you check your shoulder fit, because a tailor cannot provide extra room there. The best way to describe the perfect shoulder fit is to see if the coat sits squarely on your shoulders. To test it out, lift your arms and see if it restricts movement. If it’s a good fit, then the shoulder seam should fall right at the edge of your shoulder, not before or after.


While many different lengths exist, the classics usually rests at mid-thigh. If it’s slightly longer, it’s fine as long as it does not touch your knee. So, the area between the mid-thigh and knee should be okay.