Style FAQ: How Do You Dress in a “Preppy” Style?

When, say, an invitation specifies “smart-casual” attire, a preppy outfit is the safest way to go. It has transcended time and order and earned itself a classic badge, especially with the help of American brands like Ralph Lauren or Tommy Hilfiger. To nail this trendy look, keep these major points in mind:

Outfit by Lanvin


An oxford shirt, a cable knit sweater and a blazer are the three classic staples for a preppy look. A more modern interpretation of the preppy style now includes the polo shirt, while sportier renditions include rugby jerseys or varsity jackets. If you’re sticking with the classics, you can either layer your oxford shirt with a sweater, a blazer or layer three of them into one. Preferably, the shirts are tucked in and paired with a belt (ideally leather, but woven works as well) that matches your shoes. Just make sure the collar of your shirt is buttoned-down. and while the color is totally up to you, there is nothing more preppy that a navy blazer.


No plain ties here. add color by using ties with repeating patterns like collegiate stripes. Use also nylon-strapped watches that come in colorful lines.


Go for chinos all the way, tapered and without pleats, with the maximum height being on your ankles. If not, then cuff them up. as for colors, khaki is the standard. But again, don’t be afraid to mix and match.


Loafers and boat-shoes are the ideal choice here. Just make sure no visible socks appear. If you can’t stand wearing shoes without socks, opt for no-show socks.