Style FAQ: How do I find a shirt that fits me correctly?

The key to selecting a great fitting shirt is knowing one’s measurements, particularly the neck size and arm length. After you get this right, you can go about choosing the type of fit you want.


Brooks Brothers

While obviously this varies between brands, typical fit categories for off-the-shelf shirts are regular, tailored and slim. we’d always recommend going for tailored- or slim-fit shirts as they will fit your torso better and create a more flattering silhouette tailored fit is slightly tapered around the torso, while slim fit is even more so. Regularfit options come with extra material around the torso so they are usually only appropriate for those with larger frames or for casual occasions. what you should pay attention to when trying on a shirt:

    Place a finger between your neck and the buttoned collar to make sure that it is neither too tight nor too loose.
  • SEAM
    The shirt seam should meet right at the corner of your shoulders. this principle applies for any kind of shirt.
    The sleeves should end where your palm meets the wrist, slightly over your wrist bone. you also need to make sure that the shirt sleeves are not too tight, and that you can move your arms relatively easily.