Sting’s Daughter is an Englishwoman in New York for Armani Exchange

After releasing a model-fronted ads last season, Armani Exchange has now expanded its focus on more diversely talented youngsters for the brand’s fall/winter 2016 campaign


AX FW1617 ADV_Group_small


This move, according to the official statement, demonstrates Armani Exchange‘s “understanding of the diversity of modern men and women, and how they want to dress.”

To achieve that, the brand picks four young individuals whose passions and interests are as diverse as their personal styles.

The oldest of the group is Eliot Sumner (25), an Italy-born English musician. Sumner, in case you didn’t know, is also the daughter of Sting.


AX FW1617 ADV_Eliot Sumner_small
Eliot Sumner


Joining Sumner are English actor Gregg Sulkin (24), American filmmaker-cum-extreme athlete Jay Alvarrez (21) and Israeli model Shlomit Malka (22).


AX FW1617 ADV_Gregg Sulkin_small
Gregg Sulkin


AX FW1617 ADV_Jay Alvarrez_small
Jay Alvarrez


AX FW1617 ADV_Shlomit Malka_small
Shlomit Malka


AX FW1617 ADV_Shlomit Malka and Gregg Sulkin_sunglasses_small
Shlomit Malka and Gregg Sulkin


Photographer Riccardo Vimercati captured the images in New York City, and our first reaction upon seeing Sumner’s picture above was to hum her father’s “Englishman in New York” to ourselves. In all seriousness, though, by encouraging the four youngsters to simply be themselves in front of the camera, Vimercati has produced a campaign that gives off a “sense of genuine street style” and showcased Armani Exhange’s versatility at the same time.

The campaign was unveiled for the first time last Monday in media and online.