Stella McCartney Outfits Tom Daley & Other British Olympians

British designer Stella McCartney reveals the uniforms she designs for Team Great Britain in the Rio 2016 Olympics


stella mccartney tom daley team gb
(L-R): Tom Mitchell, Jessica Ennis Hill, Stella McCartney, Tom Daley & Olivia Breen


It was the day of revelations as noted designers and fashion labels in different parts of the world showcased the ensembles they’ve designed for their respective country’s Olympians. And one of them was Stella McCartney, who has teamed up with Adidas Originals to create the official team kits for British Olympic and Paralympic athletes.

Featuring an image of a lion holding a torch, the uniforms were presented to the public with the help of four British Olympians, including diver Tom Daley, rugby player Tom Mitchell, heptathlete Jessica Ennis Hill and Paralympic sprinter Olivia Breen.

McCartney is no stranger to this, as she was also appointed the Team Great Britain’s designer four years ago, at the London 2012 Olympics.


tom daley stella mccartney 2016 rio olympics
McCartney and Daley


At the same time, displays of nationalism also occurred in other countries. While Team U.S.A unveiled the Polo Ralph Lauren-designed outfits the athletes are going to wear to the opening and closing ceremonies, Team France were showcasing the closing ceremony ensembles, which are designed by Lacoste. Meanwhile, swimmer Sarah Sjöström provided a sneak peek of Sweden’s official uniforms, which are made by none other than H&M.


ryan lochte team usa polo ralph lauren
Swimmer Ryan Lochte in Polo Ralph Lauren for Team U.S.A


lacoste team france
Lacoste’s design for Team France


sarah sjostrom team sweden h&m
Swimmer Sarah Sjöström in H&M for Team Sweden


Rio 2016 Olympics will be held on August 5 to 31, while the Paralympic Games will fall on September 7 to 18.


Updates: DSquared2 designs Team Canada’s uniforms, and they look as stylish as you would expect. And while South Korea’s look like completely standard Olympic uniforms at best, they are probably the most revolutionary, as they are added with mosquito-repellent chemicals to protect the athletes from Zika virus-infected mosquitoes.


canada uniform rio 2016
Team Canada


South Korea Zika Virus
Team South Korea