Steal Brad Pitt’s Fashion and Style

He’s gifted with a great face and body, but does Brad Pitt have style? We at DAMAN think so.

The actor-producer is a style chameleon. Since the ‘90s, Pitt knows how to effortlessly rock either that bad boy look or Hollywood heartthrob vibe.

In recent months, the 55-year-old actor has been busy promoting his latest movie, “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood”, directed by Quentin Tarantino. The actor has been seen in character, channeling retro looks that go perfectly with his shoulder-length, pushed-back blonde hair.

Take a look at DA MAN’s style file of Brad Pitt’s iconic looks throughout the years.


The ‘90s

The Fresh Prince of Hollywood

Brad quickly caught the public’s attention after 20-minute feature in 1991’s Thelma & Louise. Bright blue jeans is always a key yet a versatile component of Brad’s style—versatile enough for him to be caught in so many red carpet pictures. For the actor, it’s all about mixing and matching his clothes and letting his perfect hair do the rest of the work. Whoever thought of wearing denim and denim and topping it off with matching outerwear and shoes? That’s right, it’s Brad Pitt.

The Clean Hipster

When everybody was probably still unbuttoning floral shirts in the ’90s, Brad was unbuttoning a sleeve-rolled dark brown corduroy shirt, tucked in his blue jeans. The beanie completed that polished hipster look, perfectly covering his long loose hair.

The Heartbreaker

Sweaters, tailored pants, with side-parted hair and clear glasses are the ultimate style combo for Brad Pitt. This look is synonymous to him, Google it. And he knows that it needs a rugged leather jacket to nail the look.


The 2000s

Buzz Cut Years

Entering the 2000s didn’t only make us witness Brad Pitt’s messy break-up with Jennifer Aniston and the start of his new relationship with Mr. & Mrs Smith co-star Angelina Jolie, but we also got to witness his sexy buzz cut, which debuted during Troy’s premiere. It gave him a more rugged and sharp edge to his good American looks. The buzz cut also proved that Brad can pull off any hairstyle. There’s nothing the man cannot do.

On-Duty Daddy Mode

When Brad Pitt became a dad, he showed the world and Hollywood that when you’re a celeb and a dad at once, you only need a simple pairing of a good white shirt and jeans to make you look simply cool. And as a finishing piece, he added a newsboy cap and a pair of sunglasses, handy when the sun is out.

Mr Classic Hollywood

A white tux isn’t probably the safest get-up when attending an event, but Brad made it probably one of the most iconic styles that not only pays tribute to the classic male look of Hollywood’s golden era but also as to ever embraced the red carpet. He even managed to get away with not bothering to groom his hair for that extra classic style, which shows why white tux and black loose-fit trousers withstand the test of time.

The 2010s

The Ice-Cold Speed Hunter

Racing is about staying cool and winning—something Brad Pitt is known for. For the 2018 24 Hours Le Mans, he opted for an uber-cool all-dark post-race weekend driver’s attire: a sport jacket with jeans and sporty shades.

Effortlessly Brad


Brad Pitt is one of those few people who can pretty much wear a white T-shirt, jeans, and pair of boots and look badass. Sure, it’s not fair, but it’s a good reminder that whether you’re in your teens or golden years, nothing ever goes wrong with this style combo. And whether you have the body like Brad, remember, it’s all about the attitude.

Newsboy Cap

CANNES, FRANCE – MAY 22: Brad Pitt attends the photocall for “Once Upon A Time In Hollywood” during the 72nd annual Cannes Film Festival on May 22, 2019 in Cannes, France. (Photo by Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images)

After many years of fiddling and flaunting with his hair—not to forget that he’s notoriously known for copying his girlfriend’s haircut—Brad has found his go-to fashion item: the good old newsboy cap. We’re seeing more and more of the cap in his recent looks both on or off the red carpet.