#StayHomeWithDAMAN featuring Richard Kyle

DA MAN: Where are you?
Richard Kyle:
Jakarta, Indonesia.

DA MAN: What are you doing these days?
Richard Kyle:
I’m defiantly #quarantoning in the middle of this pandemic. I was able to acquire rentable gym equipment from @empirefitclub, which included a one-on-one workout session with coach Elbert, giving me a body strength workout routine while in lockdown. I’ve also started a new hobby of cycling which has kept me on the burn, especially with the takeaways and home deliveries.

I recently watched an insightful documentary on Netflix—“Icarus”—about the Russian doping scandal in the Olympics and all the corruption involved to successfully hide the truth. It was mind blowing; apparently the biggest scandal in sports history.

As for podcasts, my go-to has always been “The Joe Rogan Experience.” He’s full of excitement. His latest interview with Elon Musk and the meaning of his baby’s name was kind of deep. Oh, and we also got a pair of four-month-old sun conure birds as new pets. El Barack is very much enjoying his daddy duties of taking care of Nacho and Pepito.

DA MAN: how are you approaching self-care? Whether that be physically, mentally, spiritually etc.
Richard Kyle:
My approach is to safely get out of the house when the time is right. I go for early morning rides; still keeping to social distancing but getting some much-needed fresh air. Also spending time with my loved ones; creating fun activities at home keeps if enjoyable. I’m sure this would be one of the major challenges for families at the moment.

DA MAN: What are you cooking or eating?
Richard Kyle:
So, Jessica made super yummy homemade noodles. I’ll say it’s better than from the local warung. I also did my first attempt at making homemade hummus. It came out just nice, but next time I shall put less lemon juice.

DA MAN: What are you grateful or hopeful for?
Richard Kyle:
I’m grateful for a happy and healthy family. Praying things will eventually go back to normal so we can all live our lives to the fullest.