#StayHomeWithDAMAN featuring Harry Goodwins

DA MAN: Where are you?
Harry Goodwins: In Los Angeles.

DA: What are you doing right now? What are you watching, reading or listening to?
I have been doing a lot of yoga and juicing to stay fit and healthy, both physically and mentally.

DA: How are you approaching self-care?
I’m lucky enough to have a balcony, so I spend most of my days out there, really. Reading, playing with a ball, stretching, etc. Anything to not be inside. It makes me antsy. I’ve decided to keep myself groomed as opposed to going all “Cast Away”—been there done that. Found out the I am pretty good with a clipper and at self-trimming. New skill: check. Also been working on my craft while isolated, so I’m ready for when the dust settles. I’ve been reading a lot and working on my self-tapes.

DA MAN: What are you thankful or hopeful for?
I’m grateful for a lot of things but mainly that myself and my loved ones are safe and have a roof over our heads. And it is amazing to see everyone—and I mean everyone—from, the government, doctors, volunteers, neighbors, everyone come together and become one. Universal. As it should be. I am hopeful that if we can take even 10 percent of this attitude with us when the dust settles the world will be a better place and something good has come from it all\.

Photo credit: Courtesy of Harry Goodwins