#StayHomewithDAMAN featuring Dejan Obradović

DA MAN: Where are you?
Dejan Obradović:
I’m currently at home in London, enjoying the decent weather that we’ve been having.

DA MAN: What are you doing right now?
Dejan Obradović:
Well, I’ve been kept pretty busy these last two months or so, as I’ve become a stay-at-home dad with work shutting down. With my girlfriend working from home, I’ve been hanging out with my one-year old son … which has been really fun as I get to see him develop, but it’s pretty full on. He’s been running rings around me!

Otherwise, fitting in some garden workouts during his naps, going through old travel photos and making prints to frame around the house. And some well-earned Netflix or movie binges in the evening. The “Last Dance”—a sports documentary centered around Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls—and “Parasite”—the film which did amazingly well at the Oscars—have been my favorite watches so far.

In terms of reading, I’m currently halfway through a book called “Talking To Strangers,” by a wicked author called Malcolm Gladwell.

DA MAN: How are you approaching self-care?
Dejan Obradović:
I’ve never been somebody who had the motivation to train at home, as I always saw it as a place of comfort and distraction—the fridge and remote were always too close. I was so used to going to the gym or training in parks in the warmer months. However, after a week or so of this lockdown, I made a routine that worked for me. So, I’ve been doing a lot of bodyweight exercises out in the back garden. Other than the physical benefits, I find that exercise is probably the best way of staying stress-free.

I think staying in touch with family and friends over FaceTime or WhatsApp has helped massively, too. I guess being in the same boat makes all of this a little bit easier.

DA MAN: What are you cooking?
Dejan Obradović: We’ve had a decent mixture of dishes, actually—from pastas to Mexican to BBQs. It’s been pretty healthy-ish, although Domino’s pizza boxes have been seen entering the house on more than one occasion.

DA MAN: What are you wearing?
Dejan Obradović:
These last few months have been pretty chilled. Plenty of lounge and leisurewear around the house from the likes of Reiss and Cos. I did, however, get sucked into a few online sales, although I’m not sure when I’ll be wearing the new suit or blazer.

DA MAN: What’s outside your window?
Dejan Obradović:
I’m in a very green part of London, so lockdown has made me appreciate the area even more. Plenty of green fields and parks to run or walk around in. I can’t say that I’ve missed the usual commute on the tube into Central London.

DA MAN: What are you thankful and hopeful for?
Dejan Obradović: Having a tight family and friendship circle is something that I’m very thankful for … and I realized it even more with all the restrictions of the lockdown in place. I remember I went to see my parents and found the social distancing experience of talking to them across their driveway really awkward. We’re not meant to be locked away from one another.

I’m hopeful that we can somewhat resume normality again sometime soon and that we all come out of this for the better. It’s definitely made us appreciate those things that we maybe took for granted.