#StayHomewithDAMAN featuring Deano Perona

DA MAN: Where are you?
Deano Perona:
Home on the outskirts of London, Surrey.

DA MAN: What have you been doing lately?
You’ll find me watching “Suits” most evenings or reading anything from autobiographies to how-to guides. It really does vary; I’m interested by a lot of topics. Otherwise, I’m most likely listening to Queen whilst ploughing through a set of bicep curls.

DA MAN: How are you approaching self-care?
I’ve recently taken a week off from training which I normally do on holiday each year. And took up meditating during that time. It really does work. I’ve also been spending more time with my dogs and going on long walks round the farm and in nature. I find it so therapeutic and it helps me to think. Definitely recommended.

DA MAN: What do you cook or eat these days?
BBQ’s on the menu most nights now! The weathers been fantastic and we’re really taking advantage of it.

DA MAN: What do you usually wear now?
Deano Perona:
Can I say pants only? [Laughs] It’s sunbathing weather over here and more times than not I’ll be in the garden catching the most of the British sun. But indoors, for sure my basic plain tracksuits and sweaters. I’m a simple guy.

DA MAN: What are you thankful or hopeful for?
Deano Perona:
I’m grateful for life and the amazing people around me!