#StayHomeWithDAMAN featuring Aurélien Muller

DA MAN: Hi, Aurélien, great to have you with us. So, where are you at the moment?
Aurélien Muller: I am currently at home in Paris, France. I was supposed to fly to New York City for four weeks for work two days before the French lockdown came into effect, but we had the great idea to postpone it last minute.

DA: What are you doing?
AM: Well, I now have the chance to spend all my time with my four-months old baby girl and see her grow without missing anything. I workout at home every day for one hour thanks to my friends who are personal trainers. I’ve also found that I like cooking. I love this new activity as it relaxes me and whiles away the time. I play poker for around three quarters of an hour a day and, luckily, I usually win. And at night, it’s usually Netflix and chill with my wife when baby’s asleep.

DA: What’s your self-care routine while staying at home?
AM: Nowadays, self-care is about eating healthy food, working out every day and laughing and talking with my wife. I take showers every day after my workouts, moisturize my face from time to time and clean it every night before bed. And obviously a lot of hands washing.

DA: You mentioned cooking earlier. What do you usually eat or cook now?
AM: I like to eat my basic avocado, eggs or Philly cheesesteak for every late lunch. I’m doing intermittent fasting where I fast for 16 hours and have an eight-hour eating window, so I don’t have breakfasts. And I love nuts (pecans, walnuts, Brazil nuts, almonds, etc.), 100-percent dark chocolate and berries for snacks. For dinner I usually go for a very light fish or vegan meat and a big portion of greens like broccoli, asparagus and zucchini. I have stopped eating meat since the start of the lockdown. I also like to cook my favorite eggplant parmesan or prepare a Keto dessert that has zero sugar as a treat. Or I’ll make a classic banana pudding, New York cheesecake or key lime pie for my wife.

DA: What are you most grateful or hopeful for right now?
AM: I am very grateful for being able to wake up every morning and see my baby’s smile and hug her! Knowing that my Family, my friends and my grandma are all safe and healthy. I hope that all this craziness ends soon and that we will learn from it. Mother Nature sent us all back home so she can get some fresh air and so we could think better and act better.

Photo credit: Aurélien Muller