#StayHomeWithDAMAN featuring Ashley Harrack

DA MAN: Where are you at the moment?
Ashley Harrack:
I am at home with my grandparents, in West London.

DA MAN: What have you been doing?
Ashley Harrack:
I have been trying my best to stay busy. I coach football and athletics at a school, so I have been making training videos for the students to keep them active and still help aid their development while at home. For me, personally, I have found this to be quite an interesting time. It has given me the opportunity to begin a couple of extra online courses, some redecoration and fixes around the house.

DA MAN: How are you approaching self-care?
Ashley Harrack:
My brother has a scholarship at one of the London clubs near us. So, a lot of my focus has been just keeping him fit and active and keeping his training pattern frequent, so once things are back to normal he can just pick up from where he left off. In light of that, it has kept me active as well as my own little bits in the garden. For mental/spiritual well-being, being with my grandparents, spending quality time with them. Listening to their stories and experiences as well as finding some of their old records while cleaning through the loft … that has definitely been good for the soul.

DA MAN: What do you cook or eat these days?
Ashley Harrack:
Cooking through this time has been fun! My partner and I have tried new things out and learnt a lot from my grandparents. We have even made a game of it all by staging our own family “Come Dine with Me.”

DA MAN: What are you most grateful or hopeful for right now?
Ashley Harrack:
I think the biggest thing for myself and everyone around me has just been to stay positive. We haven’t felt the need to be productive. If it is, great. If it has just been binge-watching “Ozark” or “The Last Dance,” even better. As long as it’s something that gets me out of bed in the morning, I’m all for it.

Photos courtesy of Ashley Harrack