Stay healthy with TAG Heuer’s new Wellness app

The TAG Heuer Connected digital universe presents a new Wellness app for those leading an active and healthy lifestyle

TAG Heuer is, among other things, the brand that has pioneered and held the lead in the luxury connected watch segment for more than five years. With its visionary TAG Heuer Connected watch, the brand has made a design and technological statement that further solidified its position in this avant-garde category. Indeed, the TAG Heuer Connected presents a unique combination of the refinement and elegance of a chronograph-inspired watch crafted in the purest luxury watchmaking tradition, with a state-of-the-art, custom-designed digital experience geared towards performance.

Now, one year after the incredible success of the latest TAG Heuer Connected watch, the Swiss luxury brand introduces a new Wellness app that enables wearers to stay fit, healthy and connected, by tracking their biometrics during their daily activities.


Simplicity in Design

Appearance-wise, the new Wellness app is beautifully presented in the TAG Heuer Connected digital interface. With a selection of statement-making dial options, it can easily be configured to express each wearer’s individual style. On a more functional note, the wearer can monitor daily activity (number of steps), exercise intensity (time spent each week doing moderate to vigorous exercise), the level of effort perceived by the body (real-time and continuous heart rate monitoring) and the quantified impact of the exercise (calories burned) with just a quick glance at the TAG Heuer Connected app.

More importantly, these metrics are also available at the brand-new Wellness tab on the TAG Heuer Connected mobile application, which focuses on marking each user’s steady progress. To top it off, this rate of progress is accurately tracked on a barometer that displays the level of activity during a week. In essence, with its detailed overview of minutes spent in cardio and fat-burn, the TAG Heuer Wellness app also helps motivate its wearer and allows them to better understand how every effort—from the tiniest steps to the most strenuous workout—benefits their bodies.


Set the Goals

Frédéric Arnault, TAG Heuer’s CEO, also notes that the brand values customer input regarding the importance of remaining active these days. “In addition to elegance and performance, our users also expressed a strong interest for tracking their wellness. And we created the TAG Heuer Connected Wellness app for them,” he explains.

Leading health associations have been encouraging people to complete two daily fitness goals: The first is to move more, sit less and reach a daily number of steps target, while the second is to reach a daily calories-burned target. To that end, TAG Heuer’s Wellness app allows users to easily set their own goals, adjust them to their individual lifestyle as well as progress made so far, and then achieve them. And as the proverbial cherry on top, the TAG Heuer Connected Watch gives you an unbeatably stylish way to stay fit.

Overall, TAG Heuer’s Wellness app has been thoroughly designed to motivate its users in making steady, healthy progress through three simple, easy-to-understand metrics. So, it’s safe to say that the brand’s connected universe will definitely find an even greater audience among today’s tech-savvy and health-conscious crowd.