Kiehl’s ‘Dry Run’ Cream: The Sportsman’s Friend

We’ve all felt it; that disconcerting humid feel on your feet after a hard day at work or a long session working out. For that, Kiehl’s, one of the world leaders today in grooming, has come out with this great new product: Cross Terrain ‘Dry Run’ Foot Cream. With Aloe Vera, Volcanic Perlite Extract and Witch Hazel as the key ingredients, this slip-resistant formula provides a long-lasting dry feel and a kind of menthol scent.

kiehl's dry run



The cooling cream also offers relief from minor skin irritations and discomfort due to perspiration and stress incurred by active feet. The Perlite Extract in it is known to have absorbing properties, controlling excessive sweating of the feet, while the Witch Hazel works as a cleansing solution because of its antibacterial properties. No sweat, plus no bacteria equals a farewell to those annoying foot odors. ‘Dry Run’ offers full protection for your feet, which, in turn, boosts your confidence as you go about your daily routine or engage in outdoor activities without having to worry about your precious feet.