Something New From Aldo Shoes

ARTICLE OF STYLE. If you’re seeking comfortable footwear to beat the summer heat while looking chic, Aldo’s latest summer shoe collection may be what you’ve been looking for

With the heat of summer slowly making itself present, the desire to wear clothing that will help us feel a little less flush begins to be more present. Although dressing down your outfit to better suit the heat is pretty straight forward, footwear tends to be overlooked by some. Instead of opting for flip-flops or open toed sandals, that aren’t quite stylish friendly, you may be interested in Aldo’s latest summer footwear collection.

The Freinia

The Canadian based brand has long been recognized for its stylish leather footwear and to welcome in the sunny season has released a new line of footwear for men, the Alan and Freinia. For a more upscale yet casual and relaxed style for your feet, the Alan is the best option for you. The square-toed slip-on brings a more sophisticated look to the casual slipper, making it the perfect pair for a casual gathering, without looking overdressed. As for the Freina, the finely crafted leather shoe, which is also square-toed features a light-weight insole and is decorated with a tassel on the top. The Freina is designed for a more formal occasion, but is also a nice addition to add style to your typical office attire. Both styles have also been fitted with a cotton liner adding to the comfort of the shoe, helping to avoid any unwanted blisters. Aldo‘s shoes have always focused on comfort as well as style.

Two different options that the Alan is available in


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